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A story of vision and innovation in the OUT OF HOME Market
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Reliability, Innovation, Versatility.

Natfood was founded in 1999, a food company that specialised in semi-processed products for the preparation of hot and cold beverages for the HO.RE.CA industry (cafés, pubs, restaurants, hotels, catering).

Experience, innovation and continuous research led our company to expand its range of products, becoming a reference company for the market and for Italy’s main venues.

Natfood offers a complete range that includes high-quality products, innovative appliances, and beautiful service material, to fulfil the needs of all kinds of venues, from the smallest to the largest chains of organised catering.

Excellence in products and communication material, deep knowledge and experience with products and the market all available to our clients to stimulate consumers’ interest.

Reliable partner

We offer integrated products and projects according to specific requirements, together with excellent marketing, capillary distribution, and dedicated technical assistance.

Innovative ideas

Continually offers innovative concepts and ideas and avant-garde technologies and products to stimulate clients' needs and meet consumers' expectations.


We combine several years of experience in the market with excellent marketing and sales.

Sales research and development

Natfood is founded on excellent integration between a consolidated sales network and product, equipment and marketing know-how, with the goal of being always innovative and foreseeing the needs of the market.

Constant research that puts the client first, from the initial order to equipment installation, and including training and assistance.

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