Bubble Tea


Natfood / BUBBLE NAT

Colorful and funny, BUBBLE TEA is conquering the whole world!

Tea beverage, fruit syrup and pearls (popping boba), it’s satisfying for our taste buds and perfect to be posted on social media. A drink to sip (with maxi straw) and chew: pearls have to be squashed with our teeth to let the delicious juice out.
Not only! Add popping boba to summer or evergreen cocktails to amaze your customers.
Or: propose an inedited soft frozen yogurt! Serve & decorate it with many colorful boba!

sfondo attrezzatura BBT 02
Popping Boba Fridge
sfondo attrezzatura 02 900x900 bbt frigobibita
sfondo attrezzatura 02 900x900 BBT Station
Bubble Nat Station
sfondo attrezzatura 02 900x900 BBT tiera
Bubble Nat-Tiera