Multibeverage Single-Portion

Solubles in capsules

Natfood / Solubles in capsules

A wide range of solubles beverages in Dolcegusto compatible capsules to satisfy all tastes! Products perfectly mixed in the capsule that produce a silky and persistent cream.

Specific dosage in capsule for each type of product, to obtain the best yield in the cup.

100% recyclable plastic capsule: it does not contain metal parts even in the cover film. Speed of preparation.

Flavors available:

  • Gin-co Original
  • Gin-co Light
  • Gin-co Deca
  • Gin-co Zero
  • Gin-co Red
  • Gin-co Honey
  • Gin-co Intense
  • Gin-co Ginger
  • Orzeus
  • Orzeus Cereals
  • Unicorn Milk
  • Lemon and Ginger