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Natfood Feel the Aroma

Natfood / Natfood Feel the Aroma

7 flavors in DolceGusto compatible capsules. Compared to other capsules on the market, they have a specific dosage in the capsule for each type of product to get the best yield in the cup.


  • A different flavor for everyone: classic, unusual, exotic, organic
  • It attracts and satisfies all customers with gluten-free, lactose free products, with spices and with functional and organic ingredients.
  • Products perfectly mixed in the capsule that produce a persistent silky cream.
  • A specific dosage in the capsule for each type of product, to get the best yield in the cup.
  • Emulsion inside the capsule, without contamination among the tastes thanks to the outlet nozzle of the capsules that does not touch the coffee machine group or the machine.
  • 100% recyclable plastic capsule: the capsule and the covering film do not contain any metallic parts.
  • Quick preparation
  • Possibility to choose the preferred technology: capsule machine or group for the espresso machine.

Available flavors:

  • Gin-co
  • Gin-co Zero
  • Ginger and ginseng
  • Orzeus
  • Orzeus & Cereals
  • Unicorn Latte
  • Lemon and ginger



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