Hot Chocolate


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The best hot chocolate!

Delicious and creamy, by itself or used as base for delicious recipes!

Enter the Cioconat world: you will find a wide range of delicious products available in countless flavours and formats, appliances, and visibility material, to fulfil any requirement of taste, use and service. More than 32 flavours!

Cioconat is also available in a Light version.

The new light hot chocolate, a cup of Cioconat Light has 30% less calories than a cup of traditional chocolate.

It contains lean cocoa power and is sweetened with stevia and sucralose.

For those who want less calories but are not willing to give up the deliciousness of chocolate.

Cocoa has many properties and they are strenghtened if combined with ginger, ginseng, turmeric and chia seeds.

That is why we created Cioconat Extra, a hot chocolate range that consist of 4 innovative references:

Hot chocolate with ginger

Hot chocolate with ginseng

Hot chocolate with turmeric

Hoc chocolate with chia seeds

This combination has been created to satisfy new consumption and wellness needs, that focus more and more on vegetable ingredients that are also healthy, exotic, natural and with high nutritional properties.

Cioconatiera 3 Lt New
Cioconatiera 3/5 litres
Cioconatiera Stream
Cioconat Stream
Cioconat & Tea Express
Cioconat & Tea Express
Cioconat Ufo
Cioconat Fruit & Whipped cream
Cioconat Incontri
Cioconat Golosa
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