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Natfood Coffee System

Natfood / Natfood Coffee System

Coffee enters for the first time in the range of Natfood, in an innovative and simple way, with high quality.

Natfood Coffee System guarantees high and constant quality because it combines specific products and technology for an excellent result.

4 mixtures of coffee packed in disk:

  • Strong: a blend of robusta and arabica coffee with an intense and persistent aroma, sweet as a fruit from the Far East and pleasant as licorice.
  • Full-bodied: blend of arabica coffee from Brazil and Papua New Guinea, and robusta from India and Uganda, with great body and intensity, with notes of cocoa.
  • 100% Arabica: from South America and Papua New Guinea, a wise balance between acid and bitter with fruity notes and caramel aftertaste.
  • Decaffeinated: blend of Brazilian and Colombian arabica, and Vietnamese robusta, full-bodied and intense, with notes of cocoa and toasted cereals.

The NCS machine is beautiful, compact, fast, simple, cost-saving.
You don’t need a water connection or a 380 volt current.
The system is equipped with dedicated communication materials.

Attrezzatura 01 900x900 Disk1
Attrezzatura 01 900x900 Disk2