Natfood is a story of vision and innovation in the out of home sector, with its wide selection of cold and hot products for all consumption needs at a café.
An excellent partner and supplier for the success of your venue.
A complete proposal that brings together high-quality products, innovative appliances, and service material to make your business grow.
Ginseng coffee, barley coffee, cold creams, ice creams and much more.
Not only delicious products, but complete and personalised projects for all kinds of venues, from the smallest corner café to large chains of organised catering.


Product and process

Natfood is constantly focused on the development of new products and projects, trying to forecast the demands of customers, from health-conscious ones to the most curious and gluttonous clients.

Innovation is the keyword in the research and development of high-quality products, technologically advanced equipment, and projects that increase product visibility for customers and practicality of use for baristas.

Integrated solutions

Quality of our products

Natfood is always evolving, proposing not only high-quality products, but also complete solutions for all venues. It develops integrated projects to make better use of products according to the client’s needs.

A successful combination of food and beverage products, appliances for large and small spaces, and communication material to stimulate curiosity and demand on consumers.

Personalised projects

Excellence in marketing, distribution and production.

Taste & Visual Experience is a tailor-made project whose purpose is to expand existing venues or create autonomous activities, in terms of structure and of communication, highlighting the professionalism of the operator and increasing product visibility. We propose advanced appliances and mobile stations that are compact, independent and customisable, perfect to create a great business with a small investment. The proposals of Taste & Visual Experience are compact carts of various sizes, in addition to kiosks and three-wheeled ‘Ape’ cars that can be fully personalised.



Ginseng coffee with a characteristic caramel note

Gin-co is the ginseng coffee with a characteristic caramel note: immediately recognisable.
Without gluten or trans fats, and now without lactose, it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their food intolerance.

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Pure toasted and soluble top-quality barley

Orzeus is naturally devoid of caffeine and stimulant substances. The perfect beverage regardless of the time of the day. Pure toasted and soluble top-quality barley, and nothing else. 100% Italian.

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