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Da Vinci

Natfood / Da Vinci

The new gluten-free smoothie suitable at all times and throughout the year. Ready to use; all you need to do is blend.

High quality and great practicality are the main characteristics of this product. No need to wash, peel and chop fruit. This is natural fruit pulp in 1-litre cartons, pasteurised and preservative-free. Just pour it in the blender, add ice, and your smoothie is ready in seconds! 

Available in 6 flavors.

Smoothies can be enriched with the Superfood Natfood range: delicious, healthy and nourishing, an authentic natural concentrate of well-being!
Superfoods contain high levels of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibres, proteins, oligoelements. Available as powders, seeds, berries, fruit, nuts.

Available in 3 blends, created to be perfect matches for our Smoothie flavours.


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