Bubble Waffle

Natfood / Bubble Waffle

Bubble Waffle is a soft and tasty waffle, the king of ice cream shops and street food festivals!

Funny and trendy, perfect to be combined with ice cream, gelato or yogust soft.

The Bubble Waffle preparation is easy and quick.

In just a few minutes it is ready to be served in the proper glass, filled and decorated as you prefer.

Customize your Bubble Waffle and it will be a success: the  customer can choose his favourite filling and topping among gelato, soft serves, yogurt soft, whipped cream, crunchy toppings, fresh fruit, and many other things. In this way he can create his own and unique Bubble Waffle.


Piastra Bubble Waffle
Attrezzatura 01 BubbleWaffle
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