Sorbetto on Stick Del Monte

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The Sorbetto on Stick Del Monte is not a simple popsicle, but much more!

Their texture is unique: they are immediately soft to the bite, even when just pulled out of the freezer.

Just like a Sorbetto … easy to eat, even while walking, thanks to the stick.

They contain only natural flavors and real fruit juice in large quantities.

The fruit content is very high, so they are sorbets and not popsicles.

•    70 g of taste
•    High fruit content, from 18% to 25% in different flavors
•    With real fruit juice
•    Soft and unique texture
•    100% natural
•    100% vegan
•    Only with natural flavors
•    Gluten and GMO free

5 flavors:

•    LEMON
•    MINT


Freezer a Pozzetto DM
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