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Soy beverage – Natsoy

Natfood / Soy beverage – Natsoy

NatSoy is a soy beverage that can be enjoyed by itself or used to make healthy and delicious cappuccinos with barley, ginseng and coffee. NatSoy is the perfect balance of elements to prepare the best soy cappuccino.

NatSoy can be enjoyed at any time of the day, served hot or cold, and is perfect to prepare delicious hot cocoa, ice creams, frappés, smoothies and puddings.

Soy beverages are more and more requested every day. NatSoy is a high-quality product, perfect for very demanding customers, those with food intolerances or who simply prefer a balanced diet.

NatSoy is a gluten-free, lactose-free, cholesterol-free product with high contents of vitamin B12, a source of calcium and vitamin D, 100% vegetable.

Available in a practical 750-ml carton, with a hygienic cap that keeps the product fresh.

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