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Natfood / Gluten Free

Artisan and pastry products, containing only natural ingredients, without gluten!

iNat l’Isola del Benessere is a complete proposal created to satisfy the increasing number of clients who are intolerant to gluten or to lactose, or that simply prefer a healthy, natural diet.

Contains buckwheat, maize an rice flour.

The range consists of the following versions:

Apricot pie, a basket of soft pastry filled with exquisite apricot jam.

Muffin brownie, a delicious snack with a sublime chocolate flavour.

Muffin yogurt, a light and soft muffin that is perfect for your breakfast.

Plumcake, made with the original recipe and perfect for an afternoon snack.

In addition, our line of gluten-free products is completed with our delicious and crunchy natural bars with sesame seeds and chocolate, without preservatives and gluten free.

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