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Rice Beverage Chiccolat

Natfood / Rice Beverage Chiccolat

Chiccolat® Speciale Bar is a rice beverage, all natural, 100% vegetable, from organic farming. This light beverage is perfect for a balanced and healthy diet, and is a good alternative for people with food intolerances.

It can also be used as an alternative to cow’s milk, served hot or cold. To be enjoyed at any moment of the day, it is an excellent base for cappuccinos, cold creams, ice creams and smoothies.

This beverage offers numerous advantages:

o          No animal fats

o          No gluten

o          No lactose

o          No preservatives

o          No GMOs (genetically modified organisms)

o          Certified organic

o          Vegan OK certificate

o          Low fat contents

o          Highly digestible

o          No added sugars (or with natural and plant-derived sweeteners)

Natfood and Riso Scotti have created a special recipe exclusive for cafés, not available in supermarkets, enriched with rice and almond oil. This wisely dosed mixture results in a silky, persistent cream that turns each cappuccino into an unforgettable experience: full, tasty, and creamy.

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